Make. People. Better. Based on this core belief, Pruvit set out to tackle the supplement world by creating the world’s first consumer-based ketone supplement drink, KETO//OS®. Primarily focused on evidence-based products that help optimize your human potential, Prüvit is proud to be the worldwide leader in ketone technology as we pioneer this new marketplace. With community as our focus and the power of social commerce, our philosophy remains simple. Make. People. Better.

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Check out my FIRST publication, Salience of Guilt, Self‑Blame and Hopelessness in Combat Veterans with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. This eBook is available for pre-order before the release on the 4th of July! This book discusses the factors that enhance the salience of guilt, self-blame and hopelessness in combat veterans diagnosed with posttraumatic stress disorder and the implications of such behavior in romantic relationships. Through this book, I hope to inspire service members and their loved ones to work together to remedy these limiting factors.

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The Salience of Guilt, Blame and Hoplessness